Auto Body Specialties
Business Technical Center
is now fully operational
and open for training.
Click below link for 3D tour.
Our new Accudraft downdraft
booth is up and running along
with a mixing room equipped
with the new Touch Mix XI,
Rapid Match Reader and
houses a full Envirobase HP
mixing system. We have Sata,
Walcom and DeVilbiss spray
guns to try out along with the
3M Festool Portable Dust-
less vacuum system. If you
want to compare adhesives,
we have Pliogrip, 3M and Lord
Fusor adhesive products to
try out along with Norton and
3M abrasives. So if you have
a product or a piece of
equipment or just a spray gun
you want to try out, talk to your
ABS Sales Representative to
get scheduled in.